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TextPad 8.0.0

TextPad Review:

 A lot of times, when just getting the job done is the primary task, learning to work with a new application is the last thing in the world that you would prefer. You would always want something that lets you apply your current knowledge of working with similar applications and get the job done as soon as you can. TextPad helps you with all your text editing jobs whether you need just a programming IDE, a tool for writing your web pages or an enhanced and upgraded alternative to notepad


 - It supports only 32-bit virtual memory, but this is still large for editing huge files. It supports UNC or Universal Naming Conventions to deal with very large file naming issues and names with spaces.
 - The keyboard commands and shortcuts are CUA compliant and this means that it saves you a lot of effort to learn any new shortcuts for performing various tasks on this editor
 - There is a spelling checker, on top of it, in 10 different languages. This is something that people desperately need while creating documents at the last minute.
 - Furthermore, it allows you to edit multiple files together, allowing up to 2 views per document. This is again something you might never find in ordinary editors.

 User-Friendly Stuff

 It lets you do unlimited undo-redo with your document. This is something that might help you every now and then.
 - Ever heard of something called "Warm Start"? This is an TextPad only exclusive feature that allows you to start from the exact point where you left off. Imagine editing a 100 page document and you will know how it helps.

 It has automatic text allignment or word wrap feature and is an improvement over the traditional Notepad.

 Cut-Copy Miracle

 We have always heard of simple "cut", "copy" and "paste" but TextPad brings a whole lot of adventure into this feature alone. You can select some part of the text and shift it or block indent it.
 - You can transpose characters, words or lines with just a key combination. 
 - Furthermore, the cut or copied text can be appended to the clipboard and not just replaced as in the most traditional way. 

 I think even today editors do not provide this capability, however, do not confuse it with selecting multiple items by holding "Ctrl" key.
Overall, TextPad is a wonderful editor for beginners with numerous applications under one hood.

Changes on the new version:
This major upgrade supports multilingual text editing (by using Unicode internally), and side-by-side visual file comparison.
TextPad 8 is offered as a free upgrade to customers who purchased TextPad within the last 12 months, and at a 50% discount to all earlier purchasers. We have simultaneously issued a free maintenance upgrade to all TextPad 7 customers.

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